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Senior Pastor Larry and Vicki Webb

Senior Pastor Larry Webb has been married to his wife Vicki for 51 years. She was raised in truth, while Pastor Webb began his Christian walk at the age of 17 when he received the gift of the Holy Ghost. Pastor and Sister Webb have three children and seven grandchildren; their two sons, Shandon and Jonathan, serve on the Pastoral Staff at First Apostolic Church, while their daughter, DeAnna, pastors with her husband in Texas. Pastor Webb graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1973.

Pastor Webb began his Christian ministry in 1969, in Mississippi. He received his ministers license from the United Pentecostal Church International in 1970, and was ordained in 1981, by the Mississippi District United Pentecostal Int.
Pastor and Sister Webb evangelized for 2 years and served as Assistant Pastor for 2 years before being elected to pastor a church in Richton, Mississippi. They pastored in Mississippi for 7 years, and Pastor Webb taught high school each of those 7 years; while pastoring, they also held numerous tent revivals and services. In July of 1981, God brought Pastor and Sister Webb to pastor First Apostolic Church in Milton, Florida.

Pastor and Sister Webb have pastored for 47 years, and 40 of those years have been in Milton. In 2004, Pastor Webb opened the Beginning Our Future Learning Center which is still open and operating today. In 2005, Pastor Webb began the Alcohol Chemical Treatment Series (A.C.T.S.) Ministry; there are now 9 A.C.T.S. classes taught each week by ministers from F.A.C. in several Florida correctional facilities.

Later, in October 2005, Pastor Webb launched a new outreach ministry called Adopt-A-Block. He met with city officials to discuss his outreach to needy neighborhoods in the community, where drugs, alcohol, poverty, and violence were prevalent. Pastor Webb put together two work crews and seven door-knocking teams. Over the next six weeks, every Saturday from 9am to 12pm, Pastor and Sister Webb were working in the community alongside the outreach teams. The work crews cleaned up streets and yards, while the door-knocking teams went door-to-door handing out gift bags and taking prayer requests. The next several services at F.A.C. were filled with testimonies of healings and prayers being answered in the community. On November 5th, 2005, First Apostolic Church held its first Block Party. From 10am to 5pm, First Apostolic Church ministered to over 700 people. They held a church service, then gave away over $2,500.00 worth of small appliances, bikes, food cards, and other gifts. Pastor Webb states, “This was the beginning of the most phenomenal outreach program that I, as a pastor, had ever been a part of.”

Since then, First Apostolic Church has held 27 Block Parties – throughout the years of hosting Block Parties, F.A.C. has ministered to more than 4,500 people with over 700 people being baptized in Jesus’ name and over 270 people receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. Under the guidance of Pastor Webb, F.A.C. has hosted other events for the community such as “Christmas for Kids” every year and a few Community Christmas Banquets (over 600 adults and over 250 children in attendance). F.A.C. also gives away turkeys and Thanksgiving meals every year to over 300 families. One of Pastor Webb’s favorite events are the crawfish boils he hosts at First Apostolic Church from March through June every year – these events have inspired various members of the community to nickname Pastor Webb the “Cajun Preacher-man.”

When asked about the theme of their Adopt-A-Block ministry, Pastor Webb said, “Our theme for the past 10 years has been ‘M-25,’ from Matthew 25:31-40. This is where Jesus commends the saved Christians for ‘feeding the hungry, satisfying the thirsty, clothing the naked, and visiting the sick and those in prison.'”

In 2018, First Apostolic Church celebrated their 100th anniversary of ministry in Milton, Florida. About their ministry at F.A.C., Pastor Webb said, “We are so grateful for God to have chosen us to serve the congregation of First Apostolic Church, and the wonderful families of both Milton and Pace. We look forward to many more years of fruitful labor at F.A.C.”

Associate Pastor Jonathan and Elizabeth Webb

Associate Pastor Jonathan Webb has been married to his wife Elizabeth for 10 years. They have two sons, David and Daniel.

Pastor Jonathan has attended First Apostolic Church all of his life, and he has been involved in various areas of ministry throughout his life. He acknowledged the call to ministry in 2001; he then began preaching and teaching Bible studies. Pastor Jonathan attended Gateway College of Evangelism (now Urshan College) from 2004-2009. He participated in an internship with the Pentecostals of Alexandria in 2008, which is where he met his wife.

Pastor Jonathan currently serves on the Pastoral Staff as the Associate Pastor of First Apostolic Church and he and his wife lead the Visitor Follow-Up team. He also teaches Bible studies, discipleship classes, and the A.C.T.S. class in a local prison.

Assistant Pastor Shandon and Amy Webb

Assistant Pastor Shandon has been married to his wife Amy for 23 years and they have three children. Pastor Shandon was raised in truth. He was baptized and filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost when he was 8 years old. He has been in church all of his life, has attended First Apostolic Church for 40 years, and has been involved in ministry for 25 years.

Pastor Shandon currently serves on the Pastoral Staff as an Assistant Pastor. He is the Home Bible Studies director and he and his wife are the leaders of the Marrieds’ Ministry. Pastor Shandon teaches Bible studies and discipleship classes. He and his wife are involved in marriage and family counseling and they are both involved in music ministry. Pastor Shandon also leads the security team, assists the usher team, and oversees maintenance of facilities at F.A.C.

Assistant Pastor Kevin and Lydia Smith

Assistant Pastor Kevin has been married to his wife Lydia for 13 years and they have two children. He has been in church for most of his life and has attended First Apostolic Church since he was 12 years old. Pastor Kevin attended Bible college for 2 years and assisted Pastor Nathaniel Kallam at Apostolic Lighthouse Church in Navarre, FL for 7 years. He has been licensed with the United Pentecostal Church for 13 years.

When asked about his testimony, Pastor Kevin shared this story: “I was 10 years old when I experienced the magnificent gift of God’s Spirit. My parents were not attending church at that time, but my grandparents took my sister and I to Sunday School. Throughout the weeks that I attended Sunday School, I became interested in this amazing God. One night, while singing a congregational song, I started crying but did not know why. I just knew I couldn’t wait until it was time for ‘Altar Call.’ I ran to the altar and began to pray. When I realized what was happening, I was speaking in other tongues! My life has never been the same!”

Pastor Kevin felt the call to ministry at the age of 16 and began ministering at that time. He currently serves on the Pastoral Staff as an Assistant Pastor and the Youth Pastor. Pastor Kevin and his wife are involved in youth ministry and help with Children’s Church as needed, they are also both involved in music ministry. Pastor Kevin is involved in teaching the A.C.T.S. class and assists Pastor Shandon with maintenance at F.A.C.

When asked about his favorite passage of scripture, Pastor Kevin shared this encouragement: “There are many verses that have been pivotal for me while walking with Jesus. One of those would be Psalms 19:14 (MSG). No matter how bad I messed up yesterday, this verse reminds me that today is a new day and I will rejoice and be glad in it. God is there for me, if I will just acknowledge His will and guidance in my life. An old song says, ‘I can’t even walk without holding His hand.’ I don’t want to leave His presence because one day I will be with Him for eternity, and I want to make sure I get used to His dominion now in my life.”

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